Welcome to Boccia!

Boccia is a precision ball sport related to bowls. It is an attack and defend game which requires high levels of hand and eye coordination skills. The aim is to score as many points as possible to by placing their set of coloured balls closest to a given target.

At Hambleton, KS1 children have the opportunity to take part in Boccia club. We use our sports premium money to offer sporting opportunities which children are not as familiar with. Children are coached by Fleetwood Town and are preparing for various Multi Skills Festivals taking place throughout the year. See Year 1 and 2 at a recent Multi Skills Festival where we came 2nd place. Children took part in Boccia during the festival where they showed off their fantastic skills to other competitors!

Below are some pictures of the children in action!

img_0717 img_0715 img_0713 img_0718 img_0714 img_0716


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