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Hambleton Primary converted to Academy Status on January 1st 2011. All members of the Governing Body are members of the Academy Trust.

School Governors/ Members of Hambleton Primary Academy Trust

Mrs L Knowles
Chair of Governors/ Member/ Director

Mr R Cameron
Vice Chair of Governors/ Member/ Director

Mrs P Lambert
Parent Governor/Member

Mr N Denman
Parent Governor/Member

Mrs E MacPherson
FCAT Governor/Member

Mrs D Hanlon-Catlow
FCAT Governor/Member

Miss E Frankland
Teacher Governor/Member

Mrs C Hoyle
Staff Governor/Member

Mrs H Wood
Principal/ Member

Mrs P Birch
Executive Principal/ Member/ Director


The role of the Governing Body is;

a) to support school leadership but also to hold school leadership to account for all aspects of standards and provision and

b) to uphold, protect and defend the reputation and ethos of Hambleton Primary Academy at all times. They Governors are bound by a strict code of conduct.

c) to set the vision and strategic direction of the school.

d) to ensure financial resources are well spent.

Being an Academy, Govenors have statutory responsibilities not shared with the Governors of schools in the maintained sector, such as for health and safety and financial reporting.

All Governors also attend a meeting of the full Governing Body throughout the year in line with the other FCAT schools when the Principal presents a report on all aspects of self-evaluation and a review of the Academy Improvement Plan.

All Governors attend meetings diligently; the Clerk to Governors holds an attendance record which is reviewed at the meetings of the full Governing Body.

Hambleton Primary Academy Limited is a company licensed by guarantee,Company Number: 7403335


The FCAT Scheme of Delegation and Code of Conduct for Governors can be found HERE.

FCAT Contractors Policy 2018-2020

FCAT Volunteer Policy 2018-2020

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