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1_numbersHere is our winning photograph, taken by our Year 6 ‘Photographer of the Week’, for the theme of ‘Numbers’ – just brilliant and the light looks just fantastic too! Below are some further ones taken by our club members, all following the week’s theme of  ‘Numbers’ – well done one and all!

Our club meets every Wednesday after school and is open to Year 5 & 6 children. It’s all about finding and improving our ‘photographic-eye’ along with developing our editing skills – it’s also about having fun, being creative and understanding there’s no such thing as a bad photograph if you like it!

Every fortnight, the club members will be given a theme to base their photographs around and at the end of the second week, we will judge our favourite. The winner will have their framed photograph displayed in the school corridor and will be allowed to take home that print when a winner is chosen for the next theme. We will also celebrate some of the best runner-up images on this page and the school’s Facebook page too.

The next theme is to be: Due to term ending very shortly this will be announced at the start of the club, next academic year.

You can also re-visit our previous theme photographs that club members have taken – just click here.

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