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We take great pride in representing our school and making sure every child’s voice is heard to help make Hambleton an Hambleton an even more amazing school.

All of our members have been voted into their roles for the year and they discuss issues which are pertinent in school. Our Pupil Council meets every half term and sometimes it will be more often if we are hosting whole school events or charity fundraising days. Over the years they have contributed many ideas which we have acted upon, such as; changing the organisation of lunchtimes, procedures for coming into school at the start of the day, playground markings, as well as the many fundraising events for charity which we do throughout the year.

Every year the children are allocated specific roles so that they fully understand their responsibilities for the year. This year the roles are as follows;

Chair – Robbyn L

Vice Chair – Sophie C

Secretary – Nathan H

Treasurer – Amelia F

Year 1 Representatives – Niamh K and Charlie W

Year 2 Representatives – Lucy P and Joshua D

Year 3 Representatives – Bradley V and Sophia H

Year 4 Representatives – Bailey S-P and Chloe S

Year 5 Representatives – Harry R and Amelia P

Nursery and Reception will be represented by Robbyn, Sophie, Nathan and Amelia.

The story so far…

On Monday 18th September we all met for the first time to get your Pupil Council up and running.

We discussed suggestions and how these are now going to run in school. We decided that each class representative will have a notebook and once a week/fortnight your class will have time to share suggestions that will be written down and brought to the next meeting.

Our first event was on Friday 29th September and we raised £344. A huge thank you to everyone who brought in cakes and treats for the MacMillan Coffee morning. 

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