Ultimate Frisbee

During week 1 of Ultimate Frisbee, we worked on the basics. Practising throwing different types of frisbees as well as thinking about creating space to be able to catch one. Unfortunately, we had to cancel week 2 due to the bad weather.

img_2086 img_2085 img_2084 img_2083 img_2082 img_2087

Week 3 and 4 the focus was on skills needed to play a game of Ultimate Frisbee.

img_6505 img_6506 img_6507 img_6508 img_6509 img_6510

Week 5 we worked on improving the basic skills before playing full games of Ultimate Frisbee.

img_2123 img_2124 img_2126 img_2127 img_2128 img_2129 img_2130

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