Hambleton Primary Academy
Edtech Demonstrator School

Hambleton has a long tradition as a school rich in the use of new technologies. From its current offer of one-to-one devices to all children, this willingness to utilise technology to assist learning is as much the school’s heritage as it is its future.

At Hambleton we have implemented a cloud first digital transformation strategy, primarily using Google Educational Suite across school, to support teaching and learning in all curriculum areas. At the heart of this, the digital learning platform based around Google Classroom helps to promote communication and collaboration between all members of the Hambleton community, fostering a culture of peer-to-peer support, both in and outside of the classroom. This also facilitates more targeted and relevant conversations, both with pupils and between all staff at Hambleton.

We use a range of apps and programs to support all aspects of teaching and learning, when they add value to more traditional methods. Pupils are empowered to use Learning and Accessibility Tools to differentiate work to meet their needs, as and when required. This has allowed the learning environment to become more dynamic, supporting teachers and pupils to deviate from ‘the plan’.

Ultimately, using EdTech and a range of tools within teaching and learning has produced more confident, engaged learners who have a full range of digital skills to draw on in their future careers.

As a leader in the use of EdTech, it also enables Hambleton to be more outward facing. Using our skills and expertise we provide support and training to a range of educational establishments, sharing good practice and helping them to progress further.