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For Lancashire resident families who will require a primary or secondary place in September 2020 the means of application is via Lancashire’s online system at:

This will go live from 9.00am 3 September 2020. It is quick and easy to use and offers an email receipt of all submitted applications. Please ensure that you hit the “submit” button when you are ready to send in your completed online application. You must apply even if you already have siblings at your preferred school or academy. If you live in Lancashire you can include out of area preferences on your online application.


If you have submitted and received an email acknowledgment of an online application you can log back onto the system during the application period to view this. If however, you go back into your original application this may have been over written (it definitely will if you make any changes). It will then no longer be valid. This applies for all changes, even very minor ones e.g. hyphens, apostrophes and typo corrections.

To ensure that your online application remains valid you are therefore strongly advised to press the re-submit button if you revisit the system at any time during the application period (whether or not changes were made). You should then receive a further confirmation email.

The closing dates for applications for September 2021 are at 11-59 pm on:

Secondary school applications – 31 October 2020

Primary school applications – 15 January 2021


Reception: 01253 700331