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The Hambleton Overview

Hambleton Primary Academy seeks to provide an all round education for children in a bright and stimulating and fun atmosphere. We have the highest expectations of pupil attainment, teacher performance and parental involvement and we encourage everyone to strive for excellence, in order to achieve potential. We seek challenge and embrace change in order to improve.


Hambleton Primary Academy continues to be one of the top performing primary schools nationally and expects all involved to be totally committed to retaining this position.

Our school aims to prepare children for living and learning responsibly in British society by:

  • Striving for the highest standards of pupil attainment and progress and not accepting any under-performance by pupils or staff
  • Encouraging a love of learning, an ability to question and think rationally, to show initiative and independence and apply themselves to all tasks conscientiously.
  • Enabling each child to progress towards the realisation of his/her potential, regardless of age, cultural background, disability, gender, race or religious beliefs.
  • Encouraging children to take a pride in themselves, to learn how to be healthy and stay safe, to develop a happy disposition and resilience, and adopt a measured approach towards life and decision- making.
  • Promoting British values of respect , tolerance and understanding for the cultural and religious principles of others, particularly those within our own school and community.
  • Encouraging good behaviour by showing courtesy, good manners, consideration for the needs of others and respect for the ethos of the school.
  • Recognising that parents are the prime educators and encouraging a close partnership between home and school
  • Delivering a broad and balanced curriculum with emphasis on the acquisition of Literacy and Numeracy skills, enrichment activities and learning through fun and investigation.
  • Constantly monitoring and evaluating all aspects of our performance in order to raise standards still further.
  • Working in partnership with the local community and industry to deepen an understanding of the wider world.

To this end, the activities provided include:

  • Well planned learning opportunities for all pupils to achieve in line with or exceed expectations in the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 statutory assessments,
  • Targeted professional development opportunities for all staff,
  • For all staff to have annual appraisal targets set and reviewed and for them to be held accountable for the attainment and progress of children in their care,
  • Pupil involvement in leadership decisions through the use of our pupil council,
  • A broad, balanced and creative curriculum provided for all pupils which promotes British values,
  • Opportunities for extended learning through the provision of extra-curricular activities
  • Provision of pre-school education, age 3 – 4 years (Hambleton Nursery School)
  • Talent spotting of all individuals on the staff including succession planning in order to maintain “outstanding” and enhance capacity,
  • Talent spotting of all pupils and encouraging and fostering the areas identified,
  • Provide a fully inclusive education, available to all.
  • For school finances to facilitate all of the above, in line with priorities on the school improvement plan,
  • For school premises to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment.

In 2001 when our current Executive headteacher took up post, our school was in “Serious Weaknesses.” In 2006 we became the highest achieving school in Lancashire and in 2007 and then in 2013, we were awarded “Outstanding” by OFSTED. We are currently 69th nationally, out of 15500 Primary Schools.

Recent Improvements

  • Granting of Academy status, January 2011, the first primary school in Lancashire to achieve this.
  • Sustained very high standards of attainment and progress across all Key Stages
  • Enhanced ICT provision
  • Enhanced Music provision
  • Enhanced sports provision
  • 7 Classes, one form entry. Oversubscribed.
  • Expanded but stable, outstanding staff
  • 5 SLE’s who work to support improvements in other schools within our locality
  • “Outstanding” Nursery provision (2012- “no notice” inspection)
  • Improved facilities for outside learning across all Key Stages
  • New whole school curriculum reflecting academy freedoms
  • Phase 3 Children’s Centre (2010) – extended services in addition to Nursery
  • Strategic Partner in Fylde Coast Teaching School Alliance providing school to school support, middle/senior leader development through National College and ITT (University of Cumbria/Teach Direct.)
  • Outstanding grading in June 2013 (following Outstanding, 2007)
  • The Executive headteacher sits on the board of the Regional Schools’ Commissioner.
  • We are currently applying for Teaching School status to sit within the Fylde Coast Teaching School Alliance and for NLE status for HT.

The progress and attainment of our children has been significantly higher than national norms in every category for the last 10 years – our challenge is to be better still.

The Governor’s report, submitted to the EFA contains an evaluation of school performance and accountability for 2014

The impact of this improvement plan will be monitored by governors throughout the year, in consultation with the Head Teacher and SLT, staff, parents and children who have all contributed to the development of this plan.


Reception: 01253 700331