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NameDate appointedTerm of officeEnd of term of officeName of BusinessNature of InterestDate of DeclarationAttendance in last academic year
Lisa Knowles
(FCAT Governor)
14/07/20164 yearsN/AN/A15/09/20174/4
Roger Cameron
(FCAT Governor)
14/07/20164 yearsN/AN/A15/07/20174/4
Elizabeth MacPherson
(FCAT Governor)
14/07/20164 yearsN/AN/A23/08/20173/4
Deborah Hanlon-Catlow
(FCAT Governor)
14/07/20164 yearsN/AN/A13/09/20174/4
Pauline Howard
(Parent Governor)
19/07/20164 yearsNew Routes Counselling Service - currently providing services to FCAT Owner and Provider of Services14/09/20174/4
Nick Denman
(Parent Governor)
14/07/20164 yearsN/AN/A20/08/20174/4
Emma Frankland
(Staff Governor)
19/0720164 yearsN/AN/A21/09/20173/4
Samantha Smillie
(Staff Governor)
14/07/20164 yearsN/AN/A15/09/20172/4
Holly Wood
14/07/2016Ex OfficioN/AN/A22/08/20174/4
Pam Birch
(Executive Principal)
14/07/2016Ex OfficioN/AN/A14/09/20174/4

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