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On this page you will find our adapted curriculum for the next phase of our school as we welcome back all pupils in September. We are calling this our recovery curriculum, which acknowledges that there have been big losses to children as they have stayed at home. The focus for schools in the autumn will be upon ensuring that pupils are ready to learn and as such social and emotional learning will be prioritised. The act of recovery is at least as much an emotional and social one as it is academic, and our ability to recognise and plan for this will be at the heart of our learners’ eventual success.  All of our subject leaders have prepared plans for the autumn term.

Academic Recovery Curriculum

These have been divided into 3 main groups, we will continue to use knowledge organiser and develop retrieval quizzes to support assessing what the children have retained:

  1. Non-negotiable key concepts, knowledge and skills all pupils need to understand and will be taught in the new academic year before starting a new concept.
  2. Deeper concepts and knowledge we’d like pupils to learn but these are taught at a later date or covered again within the key stage
  3. Concepts that are not essential and aren’t necessary for a good level of understanding. These will be covered in a variety of ways, which included: home learning projects, reading text and writing.

All About Me – Autumn 1

Wellbeing is at the forefront of our recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. Every child in our school has had a different experience during this time and as a school we have prioritised what the children will need on their return to school.

During the first term, every year group will learn all about themselves and look at how they feel and how to deal with these feelings and emotions, giving children strategies to support them with their physical and mental wellbeing.  This is also in line with our PSHE recovery curriculum. We introduce methods that encourage socialising, movement, holding an interest, learning and engaging in tasks. Every child is different and so we use a range of resources to enable them to use what benefits them the most.

 Every morning children will have the opportunity to verbalise their feelings to their teacher. Expanding wellbeing vocabulary is essential in supporting children, as well as staff, to improve their wellbeing. ‘Circle times’ to discuss these feelings, as well as other topics, will be increased to allow children to speak and be heard amongst their peers and staff.

All classes will participate in engaging social games in their ‘break bubbles’ which will give them regular breaks from lessons so that they can physically move around and engage with their peers. Many of the lessons, which have been planned by the teachers, will focus on wellbeing where children will take part in meditation sessions, creative projects or learning of their choice. All of these activities are used to reduce anxiety, build resilience and support reintegration to the school environment.

Below is our Curriculum mapping.

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