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Our consortium can offer a range of bespoke CPD for any educational setting, which is looking to incorporate either Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom successfully into their learning. 
As a consortium, we are currently still providing support to 59 schools, have already provided 14 live webinars, with over 1000 subscribers to these. Our webinars are also available as pre-recorded content in our consortium webpage. 
We can also offer bespoke 1:1 CPD for any school which subscribes to the Edtech programme. This can range from setting up back of house, organisation/administration, to demonstrating how to embed tech within your teaching and learning. 
We have also worked closely with the London Grid for Learning to provide ‘Thinktank’ events, which have given people guidance on how to build capacity for a school contingency plan in the eventuality of local lockdowns and learning having to become ‘remote’ again. 
In a nut shell, we will do th following:
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Reception: 01253 700331