Hambleton Academy Council Register of Business Interests 2019 – 2020

Governors are advised to include interests of both themselves and any member of their immediate family (including partners).

Governors have read the guidelines regarding Register of Pecuniary or Business Interests and declared whether or not they have any interests that may conflict with their duties as a Governor on Hambleton Primary Academy Governing Body or as a Governor within Fylde Coast Academy Trust and its other academies.

Governors Business Interest

Name Date appointed Term of Office End of Term of Office Name of Business Nature of Interest Date of Declaration Attendance in last academic year

Lisa Knowles
(FCAT Governor)

14/07/2016 4 years   N/A N/A 11/07/2019 5/6

Pauline Howard
(FCAT Governor)

01/09/2018 4 years   New Routes Counselling Service – currently providing services to FCAT Provider of counselling, training and supervision 11/07/2019 4/6

Deborah Hanlon-Catlow
(FCAT Governor)

14/07/2016 4 years   Aspire High School Deputy Headteacher 12/07/2019 5/6
Elisabeth Stott
(Parent Governor)
28/09/2018 4 years   N/A N/A 12/07/2019 5/6

Nick Denman
(FCAT Governor)

14/07/2016 4 years   N/A N/A 12/07/2019 5/6
Michael Goldie
(Staff Governor)
01/09/2018 4 years   N/A N/A 12/07/2019 6/6
Beckie Rea
(Staff Governor)
26/09/2019 4 years   N/A N/A 27/09/2019 N/A
Holly Wood
14/07/2016 Ex Officio   N/A N/A 12/07/2019 6/6
Sean Bullen
(Executive Headteacher)
01/01/2020 Ex Officio   N/A N/A   N/A
Camilla Hoyle
(Staff Governor)
04/06/2018 4 years 26/08/2019 N/A N/A   6/6
Sarah Bamber   Ex Officio   N/A N/A   4/4
Elizabeth MacPherson
(FCAT Governor)
14/07/2016 4 years 27/08/2019 N/A N/A   4/6
Pamela Birch
(Executive Principal)
14/07/2016 Ex Officio   N/A N/A 05/09/2018 3/4