Welcome to our Year One page

Here we hope you find everything you need to know about Year One at Hambleton Primary Academy.

In Year One we follow the Key Skills Curriculum which is a very creative approach based on the National Curriculum which makes sure the children learn and develop skills appropriate for their year group. We ensure that we have cross-curricular links with other subjects to delve deeper into each topic. We will be working hard to develop our existing skills as well as learning lots of new and exciting things this year too! We will also continue to overlearn skills ad objectives from Reception that children will have missed due to COVID-19.

We plan as a Key Stage and throughout this year we will cover ‘Who am I?’, ‘Once upon a time’ ‘Dungeons and Dragons’, ‘Ahoy me Hearties’, ‘Dinosour Planet’ and ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’. We aim to provide a broad and engaging curriculum, which is based on the children’s interests and ways of learning, which sees all children achieving the best they can. We ensure lessons are engaging and foster a love for learning, cross-curricular learning is at the heart of all our topics and we ensure a relevant link is made to all subjects possible. We also guarantee a progression of skills taught from Year 1 to Year 2 and monitor this to inform future planning. 

We make it our priority to support children in their personal learning journey and scaffold their learning to meet their needs. Lessons are creative, hands on and aim to provide children with the crucial skills needed to achieve the learning objective. Learning objectives are then broken down into Bronze, Silver and Gold. Children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and choose which challenge suits them best.

Children have lots of opportunities to respond to feedback both verbally and in their books. They are given ‘Fix it’ time each lesson, which provides the chance to correct any mistakes from the previous lesson. They may also be given ‘Challenge Time’, whereby children are given a linked task that encourages the child to apply their learning.

Throughout the year we will also have Entitlement Experiences to further our skills and understanding of the wider world. These will be documented on our school’s Facebook page with photos uploaded as and when they happen. They will also show a set of progressive skills from Nursery all the way to Year 6.

Year One is an important year as they progress from EYFS to the National Curriculum skills. We ensure all lessons are always creative, engaging and challenging and support each child. We also utilise continuous provision in Autumn term to allow the children to develop skills further. This will support the children’s resilience and independence skills. Progress is regularly monitored. We are inclusive and are always here to support your child grow and enjoy their learning as well as ensuring they are achieving the most at home too.

In Year 1 the children complete a statutory Phonics assessment in June, children are preparing for this all year with their daily Phonic sessions and it is made into a fun way of recognising 20 real and 20 non-real words. There will be a meeting early next year to explain the test in more detail.

Homework is set every Friday with 5 spellings to learn to be tested the following Friday morning. Children are also expected to complete a maths challenge set on Google Classroom. Reading is a crucial aspect of a child’s education and it is vital that they read every day. We are currently using Bug Club, an online platform to access allocated reading books. We ask that children complete a book review once a week, based on one the reading books they have read.

P.E is every Tuesday in Year One. Please make sure your child comes to school in the full and correct P.E in kit school. Hair must be tied up and jewellery removed.

Keep your eye out on the school Facebook page for updated photos and information on our learning journey through Year One. We look forward to supporting and encouraging your child’s amazing learning this year.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Titherley and Mrs Parkinson