What Art looks like now

Hambleton always produces some great art work, this was evident in our recent Young Seasiders competition. However, we seem to have steered towards teaching art linked to a topic and we have forgotten about the crucial key skills which are needed. Art books are mainly final pieces of work rather than the practice leading up to it.  We are quite well resourced in school. Classes have their own supplies, but they also have access to the central art supplies.

Corridor displays are made up of different curriculum work for each class to show a range of activities going on throughout the term. Other displays e.g. hall/meeting room, mainly consist of Art work.

I delivered an art inset, which was well received and we discussed how we are going to teach art differently, linking in the main skills done on a rota throughout two years. The children will also be linking these skills to famous artists. This work does not need to be linked with their topic. Due to finishing school in Spring term, there has been no evidence or feedback as to whether this is working or not.

How I want Art to look

All classes will be following the new long term plan. They will be focussing on skills rather than linking it to the topic. Their Art books will show the research and practice before their final piece. We should be able to see the inspiration from famous artists.

Displays around school will be current and maintained well. Classes will be on rota for other displays around school.

Staff will feel confident teaching Art. We will have artists coming into school to work with the children and provide support for the staff.

Our resource cupboard will be well stocked so everything is accessible for staff to deliver good quality lessons.