Welcome to Year 6!

In Year Six we follow a curriculum of building on knowledge and applying skills, which is a very hands-on, practical and creative approach based on the National Curriculum. This ensures the children learn and develop knowledge and skills appropriate for their year group. We will be working hard to develop our existing knowledge and skills, as well as learning lots of new and exciting things this year too!
We ensure every lesson meets the needs of the whole class and endeavour that each child succeeds in their learning. They love this whole school approach and cannot wait to move up to the next task in their learning. We have also introduced ‘Feedforward’ which allows children to independently improve their own work and allows them to further challenge themselves. The children also take responsibility for their learning and show their learning journey on their learning objectives.

Throughout Year Six we will cover ‘The Great War, Vikings and the Americas’. We provide a broad and engaging curriculum which is based on the children’s interests and ways of learning which sees all children achieving the best they can. We ensure lessons are engaging and foster a love for learning, cross-curricular learning is at the heart of all our topics and we ensure a relevant link is made to all subjects possible. 
Throughout the year we will also have Entitlement Experiences to further our skills and understanding of the wider world past the school walls. These will be documented on our school’s Facebook page with photos uploaded as and when they happen. They will also show a set of progressive skills from Nursery all the way to Year 6.

Year Six will have a focus on preparation for SATs at the end of Key Stage 2. However, we ensure all lessons are always creative, engaging and challenging to prepare children for this. Progress is regularly monitored by Miss Whitehouse and Mrs Wood, the Headteacher. After discussions with you as the parents, intervention is put in place to support the child as needed. We are inclusive and are always here to support your child's growth and enjoy their learning as well as ensuring they are achieving the most at home too.
Homework is set every Friday through Google Classroom with spellings to learn to be tested the following Friday morning, we expect children to read daily to increase their speed, fluency and love of reading. We also complete ‘Project on a Page’ which allows your child to explore our topic further and do so creatively. P.E is every Wednesday and Friday in Year 6; please make sure your child comes to school in the full and correct P.E in kit school. 

Finally, always keep your eye out on the school Facebook page for updated photos and information on our learning journey through Year Six of the year 2023-2024 We look forward to supporting and encouraging your child’s amazing learning this year as well as being there for home support if needed.

Thank you and here is to an amazing year!


Miss Whitehouse and Mrs Gudgeon