What does Science look like now?

At Hambleton Primary Academy, we want our children to develop a fundamental desire to question the ways the world around them works, through progression of skills in enquiry to compliment study in biology, physics and chemistry. Our overall aim is to make science relevant and exciting to our children at Hambleton, with purposeful outcomes that they strive to achieve.

We used the National Curriculum guidelines in order to develop our scientific curriculum, alongside other FCAT primaries in our Science QIG. Within our curriculum we aim to ensure that all children can draw upon prior learning as they progress through each year group from EYFS to the end of key stage two.

We aim to inspire our children by modelling an approach of curiosity, questioning and scientific working with a love of learning more about how and why things happen. We aim to meet the needs of all learners in our curriculum - challenging them and enabling them to problem solve and undertake scientific learning at a deeper level.

Science – The best we can be…

We want our children to continue developing and applying their working scientifically skills within and beyond the classroom therefor CPD, including a Science twilight, will be beneficial for all staff focusing on working scientifically skills.

We believe that sticky learning will take place when science is taught both through appropriate theory and relevant practical work alongside understanding and applying the key vocabulary so I would like to link key scientists and a list of vocabulary to each topic from year one to six. I will also make sure our curriculum shows prior learning for topics within each year group and future learning to allow teacher’s to be secure within their year group.

I introduced high quality end of topic assessments in 2019 so I would like to ensure these are informing teacher’s judgements for data captures and misconceptions addressed as well as gaps in learning within a year group to be re-taught.

Ensuring science at Hambleton continues to be relevant and linked to real life I would like to have at least one Stem Ambassador in each year for each key stage next year (EYFS, KS1, LKS2 and UKS2).

Each year group has timetabled a statutory 2 hours of science a week and I ensure this is shown on next years timetable. When teaching science, we will continue to link it to year group topics when relevant, however I understand that it may be taught as a standalone/discreet subject when required.