What does History look like now?

At Hambleton Primary Academy, our vision is that the teaching of History gives all children an understanding of the past and how history will shape their future. We investigate sources such as photographs, stories and writing to ask and answer questions about the past and consider how this impacts the world we live in today. We feel it is important that children explore their own personal history and develop their sense of chronology throughout the study of topics across year groups.  We aim to deliver a History curriculum, which enables children to become confident, creative and independent learners through a wealth of hands on, real-life experiences both inside and outside of school. Wherever possible, cross-curricular links are made between subjects with overarching themes.

History – The best we can be…

The upskilling of professionals is crucial in ensuring the continuous development of high-quality teaching in History. Therefore, I feel it is important to provide further opportunities for CPD for the Subject Coordinator and other teaching staff. In addition to this, it is important to ensure that children are utilising history skills previously learnt and that they can apply them in different ways. For this reason, the ‘Knowit’ assemblies are proving successful. To continue to ensure children are having access to a wide range of primary and secondary sources, I am budgeting for introducing artefact boxes for each year group. This will allow the children to have hands-on experiences and use these to delve deeper into historical understanding.