What does PSHE look like now?

At Hambleton Primary Academy, we believe that PSHE plays a vital role in safeguarding children and as practitioners, it is our responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. PSHE is taught by both teaching staff and support staff and so far, has had a positive impact on the children within school, teaching lessons that are informing children of different aspects of safeguarding within these lessons. PSHE teaches children to be have a clear understanding of the world around them, allowing them to understand the difficulties they may face and how to keep themselves safe but also others. The scheme covers many areas within their time at school and throughout the 6 half term topics, it covers the child’s mental health and teaching them to grow to become resilient adults and how to overcome difficulties now and later on in life, relationships and how to stay safe, keeping others safe in their school environment and the world around them (difference in families etc).

At Hambleton Primary Academy, we use the scheme Jigsaw to teach PSHE throughout school from nursery to Year 6. Jigsaw is a whole school approach that is taught through weekly whole school assemblies, stand alone lessons in class and alongside other subjects throughout the week. With PSHE becoming a statutory subject in September 2020, as well as introducing school to RSE (Relationship Sex Education) it will therefore continue to be timetabled to ensure these classes are regular and fulfilling for the children.

PSHE – The best it can be

With the changes to PSHE happening in September 2020, we have been working to ensure our PSHE curriculum has a positive impact on our children, by adapting it to suit their needs. The Jigsaw scheme has lessons and objectives set out ready to teach, however as practitioners, we need to be aware of what our children need outside of the scheme itself to allow for our children to become confident, resilient children. We will continue to teach PSHE at Hambleton School and adapt our scheme to support the changes in the scheme for September 2020. We also have a responsibility to adapt the scheme to suit the needs of our children and address any issue that are raised throughout the year. We are currently creating half termly E-safety lessons linked with PSHE to teach the children of internet safety and how to communicate safely via technology and chat groups. Not only keeping themselves safe, but keeping others safe by knowing what to do if they notice someone else needs help. We aim to keep using the floor books to evidence learning throughout the school from nursery to Year 6, following a lesson plan layout to ensure all lessons are being taught the same, allowing assessment throughout the units. Journals will also be continued to being used and adapted where necessary. We will plan for external visitors to come and speak to the children so that they can see what can happen in life after school.