Being a good citizen at Hambleton Primary Academy

Whole School Curriculum Intent

At Hambleton Primary Academy we work together to ensure all our children achieve academic success whilst remaining healthy, happy and emotionally aware young people ready to move to the next stage of their education.

Subject Intent

Through PSHE/RSE at Hambleton Primary Academy children will be prepared for life, helping them know and value who they are and understand how they can relate to other people in this ever changing world. 

Subject Specific Aims

PSHE at Hambleton Primary Academy aims to ensure that all children;

  1. understand their place in the class, school and global community.

  2. develop positive attitudes and values, which celebrate differences and diversity work. 

  3. grow into independent and ambitious individuals who set goals and have aspirations for themselves and the world. 

  4. build positive relationships and develop self-esteem, confidence and resilience. 

  5. understand the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices.

RSE at Hambleton Primary Academy aims to ensure that all children;

  1. understand friendship, family and other relationships

  2. understand conflict resolution and communication skills

  3. understand how the human body changes and develops over time and how to cope positively to change

  4. understand what a healthy online relationship looks like 

  5. know how to keep themselves safe physically, emotionally and when online

PSHE Subject Information

RSE Subject Information

What do we learn in PSHE?

What do we learn in RSE?

Providing further support in PSHE/RSE: