What does Maths look like now?

At Hambleton Primary Academy, we want our children to be confident and enthusiastic Mathematicians. We believe that the key skills of reasoning, problem solving and recall are crucial to a child’s success across the curriculum and for life-long learning. We provide an interesting, engaging and challenging Maths curriculum that is embedded in high-quality recourses including practical and concrete work which motivates, excites and challenges the children.

Maths is organised around a clear learning sequence where children study and engage with learning objectives for units of Maths and cover a reasoning question at the start of each lesson, which is evident in books. Children’s learning focuses on a progression of objectives met through a variety of ways including problem solving and practical resources.

At Hambleton Primary Academy we use the White rose scheme of work as this is clear with the objectives as well as small steps which breaks down learning further, this year they have included recovery lessons to ensure we close the gap on any missed learning due to the pandemic.

We pride ourselves on neat presentation, therefore from reception we introduce one digit per square in their Maths work as well as how to lay out work in their books. We also focus on our children being able to explain their work to others, so they can reason their work and orally explain it this in turn will support their written ability to explain.

Mathematics teaches children at Hambleton Primary Academy how to make sense of the world around them through their developing ability to calculate, reason and solve problems. We enable all children to understand and appreciate relationships and patterns in both number and space in their everyday lives. Through their growing knowledge and understanding, children at hambleton Primary Academy learn to appreciate the contribution made by many cultures to the development and application of mathematics.

Our overall aim is to make Maths relevant and engaging for all children at Hambleton Primary Academy, with purposeful outcomes that they strive to achieve.

Maths – The best we can be…

We want our children to develop into skilful, creative, and confident mathematicians across the curriculum and in real life situations. Each year group has Maths timetabled and it is taught daily as well as being the children’s morning activity as they arrive at school in their staggered start times. We also send maths challenges for KS1 or arithmetic tests for KS2 as homework.

To continue to improve Maths across the school, I feel it is important to place a great emphasis on reasoning and problem solving. Children must have the opportunity to practically resolve their work as well as using other means available in their classrooms along with strategies taught, to build up to choosing appropriate written methods. As a result, children can explore their chosen methods and reflect and adapt their previous learning to support them in going forwards.

We will continue to place a large focus on using the White Rose scheme of work as this has clear evidence of working previously in school. I will work closely with all teachers and ensure any feedback is taken on board and reflected upon. As well as this I will use the QIGs to support my CPD and subject knowledge as Maths lead.

I have introduced high quality end of topic assessments so I would like to ensure these are informing teacher’s judgements for data captures and misconceptions addressed as well as gaps in learning within a year group to be re-taught. We also have in place White Rose end of term assessments which give teacher’s a clear and honest reflection of the child’s learning for that term, the impact of these will be on teacher’s planning as well as intervention groups for children.

Mathematics Policy