School Uniform and PE

Please see our School Uniform Policy for specific information regarding our uniform:

School Uniform Policy

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At our school we have a school uniform comprising of the following;

  • Grey checked school skirt (branded)
  • Grey school trousers/shorts (unbranded)
  • School sweatshirt (branded/unbranded)
  • School cardigan (branded/unbranded)
  • Grey school trousers (unbranded)
  • White polo shirt (branded/unbranded)
  • Grey/white/red socks (unbranded)
  • Grey/black/red tights (unbranded)
  • Black or red shoes (no boots or trainers)
  • No ‘Jojo’ bows or similar
  • No tramlines (razor cut patterns in the hair)

PE Kit (to be worn on designated PE days)

  • Red branded school PE sweatshirt
  • House coloured t-shirt (branded/unbranded)
  • Black shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms (branded/unbranded)
  • Sports trainers

Click here to order your child's PE Kit

PE Uniform Link

Most of our uniform is available from the school office.

  • It is essential that your child’s clothing is clearly named (not in biro) to avoid the frustration and expense of losing things.
  • If your child has a pair of wellies and waterproofs they can leave in school they will be useful for outdoor play.
  • Your child will require a school bag in which to bring their books to school and take letters home. The flat book bags are the best for storage and for keeping their belongings in tact!

Second-hand uniforms are also available at a reduced cost. This includes branded items such as: school pinafores, dresses, polo shirts and sweatshirts.

To download a Uniform Order Form, please click on the attachment below:

School Uniform

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