MfL – What it looks like now.

Having only just decided as a school to revert to teaching French this September, I think staff are a little more confident teaching French. However, it’s the gathering of resources and confidence in using the correct pronunciation that needs supporting. In the Spring term, we were lucky enough to have a specialist teacher from a local high school meet with the coordinator and put together an overview from the teaching and progression of teaching French.

We also in the process of introducing an after school French class which will be delivered by a company called Lingotots, which would mean the children of ALL year groups have the opportunity to be taught by a specialist throughout the year.

I have now done an audit and after speaking to members of staff, we need listening and speaking French resources, which will include games, poems, stories and role play equipment.  

Staff are now more familiar with the key skills in French and can see how it progress and where repetition is needed and we now have a clear outline on what is to be taught when, in a long-term plan.

MfL – How I want it to look.

I would like staff’s confidence to continue to grow teaching French. I would like us to organise a twilight session, for our specialist teacher (Claire Parkinson) to come into school to upskill our teachers. As well as this, I feel each teacher should spend half a term supporting Claire Parkinson in lesson.

I would like staff to continue to use our French overview and feel confident to be able to assess the children against the key skills, especially the correct pronunciation. This should be supported by the new resources we will be purchasing.

I would like to organise a French week, which will be structured around exploring the cultural identities of the France through food, landmark structures, cities etc.