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Although the primary function of our school is to ensure that children are challenged and supported to learn to the best of their ability, welfare concerns always come first.  For children who are distressed, vulnerable and at risk, learning is the last thing on their minds and school has a statutory responsibility to safeguard them.

Mrs Wood and Mr Kenworthy have received “Designated Safeguarding Lead” training and all other staff and governors also have their training up- dated on an annual basis.

Mrs Shaw keeps an up to date log of school staff and volunteers who have DBS clearance to work with children and Governors review this, and safeguarding in school generally, on a termly basis. Mrs Knowles, our Chair of Governors, is the named Governor for Child Protection.

Our Safeguarding Policy and e-safety policy are available for parents to view in the “policies” section of this web site.

Additionally, the following document contains a synopsis which may be useful for parents – we ALL have a responsibility to keep children safe and there have been several safeguarding cases at our school where parents other than those of the child concerned, have reported concerns. Any adults living in our locality who have child protection concerns should contact Social Services (0300 123 6720) or the police.

Parents need to understand that Mrs Wood, the staff and governors have a statutory responsibility to refer any safeguarding concerns to social services/ the police. On occasion, this has led to uncomfortable conversations with parents and carers, but the needs of children are paramount and come first.


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